About us

We are tea’s global membership organisation driving systemic change in the sector.

About us

Tackling tea's most pressing issues

ETP is a global membership organisation working with members, partners, and other organisations to tackle tea’s most pressing issues across economics, equality, and the environment. Our collective work has the potential to reach millions of people whose livelihoods depend on tea in the regions where we operate.

Our vision

A thriving, socially just, and environmentally sustainable tea sector.

Our mission

Our mission is to catalyse long-term, systemic change, to benefit everybody who works in tea – especially people in tea-producing regions.

Our role

At ETP, we believe businesses have the power to be a force for good.

Our members include a range of tea companies, from start-ups to multi-nationals. We convene and facilitate collaboration between them, communities, businesses, governments, and civil society. We seek out diverse partnerships to help us evolve new ways to tackle issues and we share our learnings to raise awareness, deepen understanding, and galvanise action.


ETP was founded by a coalition of tea companies with a shared concern to understand supply chain risks. Today, ETP is a global membership organisation catalysing long-term, systemic change, to benefit everybody who works in tea – especially people in tea-producing regions. 

Our work addresses the key issues within economics, equality, and the environment.  The issues in the tea sector are complex; they are caused by a multitude of factors and cannot be addressed by one stakeholder alone. We focus on:    

  • delivering locally-led projects, often in partnership with other organisations, that seek to involve communities and ensure their voices are heard;   
  • supporting the private sector to pioneer responsible business models; and   
  • engaging stakeholders to support policies that positively impact people in tea.  


We believe that by listening to workers, farmers, and communities and working collectively we can realise our vision of a tea sector that is thriving, socially just, and environmentally sustainable.  


ETP operates in most of the major tea-producing regions globally. These regions are determined by the sourcing priorities of our members. We have a London-based secretariat and regional team members based in Africa and Asia. Learn more about where we work here. 

At ETP, we embed assessment and evaluation into all our work. To determine the short and long-term impact of our projects, we have developed robust monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) processes. Our Global Impact Framework applies a mix of quantitative and framing indicators to rigorously measure outcomes and impact and help standardise reporting. We involve project stakeholders at different stages of this data management process to ensure the data we hold can have a positive impact. We also monitor project elements such as partner selection, procurement, funding, and deployment of staff and contractors.

Learn more about our impact here.