The world’s second-largest producer and second largest consumer of tea, accounting for a quarter of world tea production.

There are more than three million workers in the Indian tea industry, of whom more than 50% are women.

Despite contributing to one of the world’s fastest developing economies, workers and families in tea still struggle to meet their basic needs.

Assam has India’s largest tea-growing area, accounting for roughly half of the country’s tea production, according to the Tea Board of India. More than 50% of the country’s tea is produced by small tea growers, predominantly supplying the domestic market.

ETP’s India Country Plan aims to establish its reputation as a catalyst for change in tea.

Facts & figures


The proposed living wage is 81% higher than the actual wages received by tea plantation workers. 


75% of the full-time workers on Indian farms are women, but most are in low-paid jobs. 

Assam is the most climate vulnerable state in India, which will impact the future of tea production

Regional priorities

ETP’s projects aim to provide social protection to tea workers, address gender inequality, and ensure female representation across the sector.

Private sector change
We aim to support the organised tea sector in India towards better transparency and ESG disclosure.

In 2023, we are completing a legislative and policy review and action plan to guide our India policy work.

India Country Plan Executive Summary