How to become a member

We welcome any company that packs, trades or retails tea to join us as an ETP member

Membership benefits

Our members include a range of tea companies, from start-ups to multi-nationals, who have joined us to address the complex systemic issues that the tea sector faces. Gain access to our extensive tea expertise and connections at a global and producer level, discover innovative initiatives and creative partnerships, and get the support you need to help drive change in tea.

Join us in our mission to catalyse long-term, systemic change to benefit everybody who works in tea, in five simple steps.

How to join
Step 01


Register your interest by completing the registration form above.

Step 02


Speak with one of our team who will set up a call.

Step 03


Tell us more about your organisation and goals.

Step 04


Wait for us to review and approve your application.

Step 05


Begin the billing and benefits set up


Membership is open to any company that packs, trades, or retails tea, provided they meet our membership criteria. Membership is not available to tea producers, including tea farms, estates and factories.

Our Membership Global Rules outline the criteria for ETP Members. These are under review by the ETP Board in consultation with ETP’s current members, and a new set of criteria will be confirmed in 2024.

ETP members gain access to our extensive tea expertise and connections at global and producer levels. Members can contribute to innovative projects, take part in creative partnerships and receive support in addressing issues in the tea sector.

Membership fees are determined by the volume of tea packed, sourced, or imported in the previous calendar year, with a minimum annual fee of £7,500.

Friends of ETP pay a fixed annual fee of £3,000. ETP Affiliates pay a fixed annual fee of £25,000.

Membership documents

If you have any membership questions, please get in touch.